Fallout 4 - Come As You Are

While building up my settlements in Fallout 4, I noticed that there was a "Powered Speaker" and wondered what I could do with it.   Between the "Interval Switch", "Delayed On Switch" and the "Delayed Off Switch", I figured I had enough tools to make some some music in my Coastal Cottage.  To start, I decided on remaking one of the first songs I learned on guitar: Nirvana's Come As You Are.

Despite my best efforts, it's still not quite perfect.  It seems like the timing on the switches isn't as exact as I needed it to be for this wiring system, and it seems like some switches will occasionally stay on despite having no power.   I found that the most reliable method was to alternate between two offset interval switches with a slight overlap to form a loop, and use a chain of delays to space out the individual notes.

Resource-wise, I found myself needing tons of copper and ceramic.  The most time consuming part was setting up the delays and notes via terminal.  Below is the diagram I created as a reference so I could set several things at once.

Fallout 4 - Come As You Are

I hope this will inspire some discussion on how to create music in Fallout 4.  If you put one together or have an idea on how to streamline the process, please share in the comments!

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